About us


British Passport was founded in Florence, Italy, but as the name suggests, the brand’s identity is strongly influenced by the classic English style: soft, rounded lines, finely-crafted details, and excellent materials. Our leather shoes are a perfect blend of design, quality, and price.


We use the resources provided by present-day online distribution to offer a classic product that respects the values of the footwear tradition. We design women's and men's shoes imaging the places and occasions where they’ll be worn, and entrust the crafting to the skilled hands of experienced craftsmen who share our vision. We work closely with the best Italian leather suppliers and select sustainable materials to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

The shoes

We offer high-quality shoes that can be worn regularly because they’re beautiful and comfortable. Featuring classic, yet elegant and contemporary lines, our footwear is made to be part of every man and woman's wardrobe, Our shoes are crafted with high-quality leather and stand out as the result of fine Italian craftsmanship shaped by over forty years of experience in the industry.

About Us